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  Ultra-120 eXtreme Rev.A

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Special features:

Quiet and powerful cooling due to multiple heat pipes and large aluminum fin area. 

Proprietary bent winglet design to minimize airflow resistance .

Heat pipes soldered to base (nickel plated)and fins for optimum heat transfer.

Include both bolt-thru-board retention brackets for Intel and AMD.

Technical Spec :

Dimension : L63.44 x W132 x H160.5 mm (heatsink only) 
Weight :790g (Heatsink Only) 
Recommended Fan :All 120mm Fan

Support all Socket 1366 / 775 & AM2 / AM3 CPU

Question :  I have installed the Ultra 120 but I'm wondering if I tightened the spring loaded screws enough. Do they "stop" turning eventually, or is it up to the user to decide how tight they want them?
Answer :  The rule of thumb is that you tighten them in a criss-cross pattern until the screws bottom out, in other words, until you would not have to apply pressure to tighten them any more. This is referred to as finger tight, although you use a screwdriver. You could strip the screws if you attempt to over tighten them.

Question :  Ultra-120 is quite big. Many of the motherboards now have their own heatpipe cooling system running across the board. How do I check to make sure that the Ultra-120 has enough room to install?
Answer :  Indeed, a lot of motherboard manufacturers now add their own heatpipe system on the Mosfet (Ex.ASUS Striker Extreme) which creates a compatibility problem for many after market heatsinks including Thermalright. What we can suggest before buying is to check for heatsink dimensions to ensure that the Ultra-120 would fit. For Ultra-120 dimension


Question :  Can Thermalright Ultra-120 fit on an EVGA 680i motherboard?
Answer :  The Ultra-120 together with its backplate can be installed on motherboard such as the ASUS Striker Extreme (680i) Edition without a problem but for other EVGA motherboards, Ultra-120 will not be able to be installed due to the micro SMD on the backside of the board and underneath the CPU socket. The backplate for the Ultra-120, if installed, will be pressed against those micro SMD, risking damage and/or causing a short circuit. We will be developing a solution soon to solve that problem