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Special features:

World’s First VGA cooler that supports the compatibility with 14cm fan with the dissipating area of 140mm * 130mm.

World’s First VGA cooler with 8 * 6mm heatpipes, easily cools the hottest VGA in the Market.

All new installation methods, provides easy mounting and gives better overall compatibility.

Supports both 12cm or 14cm fan.

Includes one Thermalright TY-140 PWM fan, Ultra low noise at 21 dBA at max rpm (50cm testing distance)

Multiple support back-plate, to provide the best protection for your GPU.

Mirrored Copper base, with quality craftsmanship.

Supports GTX460 470 GTX 480/ HD5870/5850/4870/4850

    • The TY-140 can be pluged into the 3 pin; you can tell from the jack, there is fool-proof design on the jack so wrong installation of the pins are avoided.
    • This fan is designed with PWM function, so full speed of 1300rpm will apply when pluged into 3 pins instead of 4 pins .

Technical Spec :

Heatsink Specifications:
Dimension: Length 160mm x Width 132mm x Height 38mm
Weight: 500g (Excluding fan and Mounting brackets)
Heatpipe: 6mm heatpipe*8 units
Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated with mirror shine

Fan Specifications:
Dimention: Length 160mm x Height 140mm x Width 26.5mm
Weight : 140g
Fan speed: 900~1300RPM (PWM)
Noise: 19~21dBA
Airflow: 56~73CFM
Connector: 4 Pin (PWM Connector)


Question : How many PCI slots does Shaman need ? (including fan)
Answer :the distance Shaman requires is the same as the HR-03 GTX, after installation with a TY-140 fan, it will use a total of 4 PCI-Slots (68mm)

Question : Can Shaman be paired with Thermalright’s VRM cooler?
Answer : Indeed, Shaman is compatible with all of our VRM coolers.

Question : Can I run Shaman passively without fan?
Answer : We do not recommend passive cooling for VGA applications, because there’s usually no airflow around the hardware, and no airflow can cause passive mode failure.

Question : Is Shaman capable of running in SLI mode?
Answer : Shaman requires a total of 4 PCI Slots(68mm).so in order to run in SLI mode, please make sure your first and second card  has 4 slots in between them, and that there is a distance of at least 50mm below the lowest mounted Shaman mounted video card.

Question : I used the RAM sinks that were included with my Thermalright VGA cooler but they keep falling off even after following your instructions for cleaning. Is it because the adhesiveness is not enough?
Answer : First and foremost, we cannot stress enough how important it is to thoroughly clean the surface of the RAM chips. It does not matter how much adhesiveness there is, if the surface resides any amount of residue (thermal paste, oil, and etc), it will not stick. Please see below instructions and illustrations for better understanding.
Illustration 1 shows the residue left from the stock cooler’s thermal padding. This contains huge amount of oily residue and traces of thermal compound. It is crucial to remove these as thoroughly as possible.
Illustration 2 shows a typical cleaning by an end-user, but as you can see there are still some oily residue left on the RAM chip that can be felt with a finger. Under this condition, the RAM sink would definitely not stick as well as it should. More cleaning is needed!
Illustration 3 shows the RAM chip after a thorough, complete cleaning using rubbing alcohol or thermal compound cleaner to achieve best result.
Illustration 4 shows the RAM sink on the RAM chip. If cleaned properly, you will find that it is not movable.
Below picture shows the ultimate test. Again, if properly cleaned you would be able to hold up the entire video card just by holding on to the RAM sink.

Shaman:    Shaman-installation.pdf     Shaman VGA Compatibility.pdf

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