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Silver Arrow SB-E Exposed

Following Thermalright’s tradition of professional cooling products, the Silver Arrow SB-E is the brand new King of the Hill, and ultimate solution to Intel’s fire breathing monster!  The Sandy Bridge-E CPU!  Like a shinning cold metallic arrow, the Silver Arrow SB-E’s will pierce through even the toughest heat overclocking challenges. 

Optimized for Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E(LGA2011) CPU, the Silver Arrow SB-E is the latest product of the Silver Arrow family, and flagship heat sink for the lastest Intel and AMD CPU’s.  Utilizing eight 6mm heat pipes, and including one TY-141 and TY-150 high performance silent fans, and SB-E optimized copper base for full CPU contact.  The Silver Arrow SB-E is the best choice for your cool silent PC.


8 X 6mm sintered heat-pipes effectively takes  away excessive heat from the CPU when overclocked, Nickel Plated heat-pipes, slower Oxidation and deterioration of the heat-pipes, provides longer period of Thermal conductivity.

Double fin design , each side with 154mm*120mm heat dissipation area, can be used with 14 or 15 cm fan ( fan clips included).

Special Arrow fin design, which allows cool air to pass through and take heat away rapidly, effectively provide cooling for the cpu.

Support Multiple-Platforms. Can be used on Socket 2011/1366/1155/1156/775 Platform, and AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1 Sockets.

Including TY-150&TY-141 Ultra low noise PWM fans and PWM Y-Cable. With the compatibility of up to 3 fans maximum.