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Silver Arrow wins PC Pro Magazine’s Ultimate PC Award.

Last month, Thermalright partner Scan computer entered UK PC Pro’s “Ultimate PC” group test, with it’s Scan 3XS Carbon.  When most competitors chose liquid based cooling solution for their overclocked CPUs, Scan stood out from the crowed by picking the top air cooling solution on the market. 

The Thermalright Silver Arrow has 4 X 8mm sintered nickel plated heat-pipes bringing optimal cooling performance while slowing down oxidation of the heat-pipes, maintaining thermal conductivity longer.  The double fin design of the Silver Arrow, brings 147*103mm of heat dissipation surface to each side.  Together with two award winning TY-140 fans, giving the best combination of noise level and airflow brings the best air cooling performance on the market. 

 there’s no doubt that the Silver Arrow works: the peak processor temperature of 79°C is in line with every overclocked and water-cooled processor…

 and the Carbon(with Thermalright Silver Arrow) is also one of this month’s quietest PC…