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The Ultimate cooling and silence solution for your GTX 580

GTX 580 is now officially in stores, and has been reviewed worldwide, although it uses so called “Vapor Chamber Technology”, we are told by our fans that the temperature of the GTX 580 is still quite high while running Furmark.
The driver that comes with the GTX 580, actually automatically lowers the operating GPU voltage and Mhz to protect the unit, of course, you/we could stop this from happening by shutting down the driver which affects the real temperature when running the Furmark program, from this you will realize that the GTX 580 is indeed cooler than the GTX 480, but only by a small bit, from 8~10 degrees, and for overclockers who want to add more voltage on their GPUs, this is going to be quite disappointing.
The Good news is, Thermalright’s latest GPU cooler, the Shaman, and the previous Spitfire fully supports the GTX 580, once you have installed the Shaman, you will find it operates with both lower temperature and noise, satisfaction guaranteed!
Please see below for the supported VGA cooler for the GTX 580, (with parts needed):
Spitfire + GF100 BTK
HR-03 GT + GF100 BTK