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Thermalright LGA 2011 Retention kit Release

November 15th is the day that Intel will be releasing their new X79 chipset and the new Sandy Bridge-E processor.  Related testing and information of the Sandy Bridge-E have already begun to circuit enthusiast forums.  The new socket LGA2011 CPU’s not only have increased in processing power, but also heat as well.  Thermalright, one of the top computer cooler manufacture in the world and renowned brand among enthusiasts circles will no doubt be ready to tame Intel’s red hot new Socket 2011 processor with two upgrade kits for enthusiasts. 


1. For Thermalright’s Silver Arrow/HR-02/Archon/Venomous and models with the VenomousX BTK pressure plate kit, we have our minimalist LGA 2011 Adapter Kit with 4 2011 Screw Pillars.


2. For Thermalright’s HR-02 Macho/True Spirit 140/True Spirit and all models using the new universal Intel/AMD bracket, we have the new LGA2011 Retention Kit.  Comprised of a new 2011 Retention Bracket and 2011 Screw Pillar Type B.