LGA 1200

Now all the THERMALRIGHT products that supporting LGA 115x can be used directly on the LGA 1200

THERMALRIGHT overclocking air-cooler ready to support for the upcoming Intel 10th-generation LGA 1200 platform (Comet Lake-S) and all the THERMALRIGHT CPU Coolers that support LGA 115x also support LGA1200 and don’t require any mounting updates. Many other old cooler models that do not support LGA115x.
Please send an email to the customer supports.


TUF Black Eagle

Is honored to be invited by the ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance THERMALRIGHT Black Eagle to join the TUF Gaming Alliance.
To provide gamers with better gaming hardware and equipment and bring higher-quality gaming experience, THERMALRIGHT actively cooperates with ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance. THERMALRIGHT Black Eagle Gaming Alliance product also requires product components to pass rigorous tests higher than industry standards to achieve better compatibility, stability, and durability, making the TUF Gaming Alliance more powerful.

M.2 2280 SSD Cooler

THERMALRIGHT M.2 2280 SSD’s new solid-state hard disk heat sink uses multi-dimensional aluminum alloy design and THERMALRIGHT high-performance double-sided IC thermal paste allows SSD to achieve fast thermal conductivity on both sides. TR-M.2 2280 SSD that only supports single-sided but does not support double-sided M.2 2280. This does not support the ITX motherboard M.2 interface.


After THERMALRIGHT launched high-quality thermal grease, it was highly praised. We adopted new technology to make it easy for all players to use our thermal pad. This Odyssey thermal pad is rated voltage up to 9.8KV and has a thermal conductivity of 12.8 W/mk and insulation. It is safe to use without electricity. This thermal pad is very versatile and easy to use. Example: Notebook computers, Graphics Cards, DRAM memory modules, communication devices, SSD solid state hard drives, car control devices and game equipments, etc.


THERMALRIGHT ARGB Fan TL-C12 series is the latest independent design of ARGB bulb 120mm PWM fan, THERMALRIGHT special blade is composed of nine pieces carefully designed, designed for high-speed air transport and performance balance efficiency.

TL-C12L has seven colors with fourteen mode changes

With 17 modes and a favorite ARGB Symphony mode, the TL-C12S adds 1600W ARGB vivid colors and a gorgeous fan lighting to add an amazing element to your accessories. Due to the fan’s automatic storage function, the settings remain the same even if the PC is turned off.

The FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) design allows the TL to last up to 60,000 hours thanks to the latest shock pad and significantly reduces noise frequency to ensure quiet operation.

Silver King

THERMALRIGHT Silver King is the first heat conducting medium, which is worthy of its name. It is the first thermal compound that consists of 100% liquid metal alloy. It is liquid at room temperature (like mercury), but it is absolutely non-toxic and has a high moistening ability for several materials apart from aluminum. The THERMALRIGHT Silver King is especially recommended for nickel-plated copper.

THERMALRIGHT Silver King contains no non-metallic additives (like silicone, oxides, etc.) at all. It also does not contain any solid particles. Due to these properties, THERMALRIGHT Silver King surpasses the best high-performance heat conducting pastes by a multiple. This product for overclockers and gaming players. Do not use with Aluminum.

TurboRight Hydro cooling system

TurboRight evolution All-In-One liquid cooling CPU cooler, designed in Taiwan and made in Taiwan. With several years of experience in liquid cooling products and cooperation with global engineers and manufactures, THERMALRIGHT team developed the concepts of most performing AIO CPU liquid cooler and spent years to design one of the most user-friendly and spotlight product for enthusiasts. The TurboRight copper water block is a most advanced design of microchannels (0.1mm), the extra large contact area with multiple channels for the best direct flow of liquid. More than this, TurboRight Pump is placed externally which will not incur vibration and stress on M/B and CPU. Not only a new design pump and water block are used, but TurboRight radiator is also using high-density design fin radiator. TurboRight has led the trend to design a “Rotating Blade” with the most popular ADD LED lighting inside the tank, which able to show water flow and indicates the coolant level. More than a rotating blade indicator, TurboRight is also designed to be refillable. Furthermore, TurboRight cooling fan system is with TY-121BP PWM fans.TurboRight is not only one of the best performing All-In-One liquid cooling at the market but it is the most user-friendly AIO cooler in the world by the pre-filled liquid, providing extra TurboRight 100ml coolant for your convenience for a refill, which brought to you for the joy of friendly design and the surprisingly efficient performance.


THERMALRIGHT RGB fan TL series is a stand-alone 120mm PWM fan engineered for high airflow delivery and cooling efficiency.

With 13 colors and different lighting modes, TL provides vibrant colors and vivid animations, adding a stunning element to your rig. Due to the fans memory-function, settings remain unchanged even if the PC has been turned off.

The FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) design gives TL a life span of up to 60,000 hours and significantly reduces noise levels, ensuring silent operation.

The THERMALRIGHT final TFX series of thermal grease

The THERMALRIGHT final TFX series of thermal grease has developed the highest-end cooling factor and the strongest over-frequency thermal paste on the earth. We use the combination of the strongest materials on the earth to make overclocking go beyond the epic level. Taking into account the perfect thermodynamics, we make the TFX series not conductive, so our users don’t have to worry about short circuits. TFX thermal grease series for heat sinks, water cooling, display cards, notebooks