AMD Mounting

Question : Dear Thermalright, I have an AMD system and I cannot tell which mounting hole I should use on the Anchoring Mount.
Answer : The correct mounting position for AMD systems is the “half-hole” located on the outer edge of the Anchoring Mount, circled in red in the graphics below.
amd mounting questionamd mounting question
▪ Silver Arrow SB-E/Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme
amd mounting questionamd mounting question
▪ Macho/True Spirit Series
amd mounting questionamd mounting question
▪ Archon SB-E X2/VXBTKII
Question : On AMD systems, is the “half-hole” on the Anchoring Mount sturdy enough for safe use of my Thermalright heatsink.
Answer : This mounting form factor has gone through extensive safety and mounting pressure testing here at Thermalright.
The four screws acts as pillars on each side, and firmly squeezes to hold the Anchoring Mount in place. So once the Anchoring Mount is firmly screwed on, there is no need to worry.
amd mounting question