Question : A lot of motherboards of today have their own heatpipe cooling system running across the board. Some of them are really tall. How can I be sure that the AXP-140 will fit?
Answer : Current highest heatpipe cooling system is no higher than 37mm. There is a distance of 40mm from the bottom of the base to the first fin from the bottom, therefore it is safe to say that at long as you have at least 40mm of clearance, motherboards that incorporate the heatpipe cooling system will have room to work with AXP-140
Question : Would AXP-140 be able to fit in my mid tower case?
Answer : Basically, for mid tower cases there are two types of formats to determine compatibility with AXP-140. You will first need to confirm that your case has a width of 110mm or above. Next, locate your PSU (Power Supply unit). If your PSU is located right above the motherboard without overlapping, you’re ok to install AXP-140. If your PSU is located at the bottom then you would not be able to install AXP-140. Please refer to illustration.
Question : I have a micro-ATX motherboard. Would I have a problem installing the AXP-140? What about my video card? Would I have room left for it if AXP-140 is installed?
Answer : When putting forth the design for AXP-140, HTPC audience was our primary goal. Micro-ATX motherboards are definitely included in our plan. You would not have spacing problem with AXP-140.