1151 CPU Support Spacer

Proprietary support plate for Intel Skylake processors (LGA 1151)


Product Description

Thermalright LGA1151 Spacer


After seeing the photos and reports of Skylake PCB deformation on internet, Thermalright decided to address the issue. It appears the LGA1151 may have some potential problems dealing with the mounting pressure and / or weight of heavier aftermarket coolers (over 500g as specified in intel LGA1150 socket Application Guide). In our endeavour for excellence Thermalright is trying to lower the possibility of this happening by developing a spacer to fill the open area between the load plate and PCB to hold it tightly in place. The spacer fits onto CPU with a 0.5mm raised surface around the IHS fitting snugly on CPU PCB when load plate is latched down.

As you can see the spacer has a 0.7mm taper from back to front with a 0.5mm raised area where it fits around the IHS. The taper matches the slope of the socket load plate. Thick edge of taper goes toward load plate hinge. When the load plate is latched and presses on mounting points of IHS, it also presses on Thermalright 1151 spacer. This holds the CPU PCB firmly in plate. Making it harder for it to deform and cause problems.

Thermalright LGA1151 Support Spacers will be available free of charge at most of Thermalright resellers by March 15th, 2016 for users buying a Thermalright cooler. Please consult with our resellers for availability before you place an order. If you already have a Thermalright cooler and are moving it to Skylake CPU, just show your Skylake proof of purchase to one of our retailers. Of course if this is done online, you will have to pay the postage costs.