HR-02 Plus

Classic fanless heatsink Classic meticulous workmanship.
THERMALRIGHT’s signature mirror-treated copper base creates a classic heatsink texture.
HR-02 Plus has a huge heat dissipation area
Widened and enlarged fins mean a larger air contact area. The aluminum fins can exchange more heat with the surrounding air, allowing waste heat to quickly leave the aluminum fin surface.
HR-02 Plus’s unique vertical hole technology. From the above, you can see that the fins of HR-02 Plus are all cut holes. This is THERMALRIGHT patented vertical hole technology.
The fanless king of the air cooler is now back with a powerful ARGB fan.


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Product Description

Technical Spec :
Heatsink Specifications:
Dimension: L140 mm x W102 mm x H162 mm
Weight: 760g
Heat pipes: 6mm heatpipe x 6 units
Fin: T = 0.4 mm;Gap= 3 mm
Fin pcs:32 pcs
Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated

Dimension: L140 mm x W152 mm x H27 mm
Weight: 150 g
Rated Speed: 1500 RPM±10% (MAX)
Noise Level: 25.6 dBA (MAX)
Air Flow: 77.8 CFM (MAX)
Air Pressure: 2.09 mm H2O (MAX)
Ampere: 0.20 A
ARGB Port:5V/3Pin
Connector: 4 PIN PWM
Bearing Type: S-FDB Bearing