VALOR ODIN 120x120x2.0mm

After the launch of ODYSSEY THERMAL PAD, it has been well received by the majority of players. Now we have launched a new high-performance thermal conductive sheet, using unique new technology to continue to allow players to enjoy a high-efficiency heat dissipation experience. This VALOR DOIN THERMAL PAD can withstand electricity up to 9.8 KV, the thermal conductivity is 15 W/mk, and it is safe to use with insulation and non-conductivity. This thermal conductive sheet is very versatile and can be tailored for easy use, such as: notebook computers, graphics cards, DRAM memory modules, communication equipment , SSD solid state drives, car control devices, and gaming equipment, etc.

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Product Description

Thermal Conductivity(W / m-k):15 W/mk




Specifications:120*120 mm

Breakdown Voltage:9.8KV

Electrically Conductive:NO


Thermal Pad Thickness:2 mm