Proprietary through holes on fins for efficient ventilation Soldered fins to copper base (nickel plated) to make effective contact Options to install 80 x 25mm or 80 x 15mm fans .

Supports ATI HD 4890/4870 VGA cards .

Two nickel-plated heatpipes to reduce oxidation effect, maintaining top performance for long term usage .

Features an all copper base and soldering technology that has each heatsink fin soldered to the heatpipes for a definite contact in producing high efficiency rate of heat transfer .


Product Description

Dimension : L133 x W53 x H120 mm Weight: 160g
Recommended Fan : 80 x 80 x 25mm fans & 80 x 80 x 15mm Fans
heatpipes : Two heatpipes

Question :I noticed that on your website there are two types of 4890/4870 VRM Heatsink. What are the differences between them and how can I make a choice?
Answer : 4890/4870 VRM heatsink comes in two types so that you can decide which one to best work with your air flow system. R1 is the preferred choice for those who have the side panel fan while R2 is ideal for those who have the CPU tower cooler. For more detail please refer to the below illustrations.
 FAQ 2
Question : Does it really take a heatsink of that magnitude to cool the VRM part on the 4890 and 4970 video cards?
Answer :Yes, indeed the card will run especially hot on those voltage regulators. While running test programs such as the favored Furmark, the VRM temperatures can reach as high as 100 – 120 °C. Thus the need for a set of VRM solution such as 4890/4780 VRM R1/R2.
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