As we have done in the past, THERMALRIGHT® is happy to announce free AMD Ryzen upgrade kits to owners of our coolers who are upgrading their systems to AM4 CPUs.  The new AM4 upgrade will be available in Europe March 6, 2017.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that coolers manufactured after January 1, 2017 come with upgraded AM4 mounting kits.  These AM4 kits come with  mounting plate with AM4 mounting added.   The new mounting kits installation is no different than our older mounting kits.

To determine if your new THERMALRIGHT® cooler has the new AM4 mounting kit, look at the instruction manual. (as shown)

Please noticed that all the FREE mounting kit upgrade available for this 3 existing mounting kit as shown.


Check what type of mounting kit you got? (as shown)


Please check if you have AM4 mounting holes. (as shown)

AM4 mounting holes are 54 x 90 mm center to center.

If your mount does not have the AM4 mounting holes please email us.

Users in Asia, the Americas, Australia and Africa, Russia can email us at

Users in Europe can email us at or at

We will need your name, mailing address and phone number as well as your email address and a copy of your cooler receipt.  With your cooler receipt, we will be able to determine what free mounting kit you need.   All we ask is for you to pay the delivery fees and handling charge.