Question : The thermal solution recommended by Intel, TSA15, is too noisy when CPU is at full load. I heard Thermalright LGM can do without a fan. I like that idea but I don’t know if it will keep the CPU temperature at the same range as TSA15.
Answer : With the same hardware configuration, LGM without a fan is tested to perform slightly better than Intel TSA15 at full speed or at idle mode, over-clocked or not.

Question : I want to make a very silent computer. And I learned Le GRAND MACHO can do without a fan. Can you tell me how does it perform against Nofan CR-95C, another semi-passive cooling heat-sink in the market?
Answer : With the same hardware configuration, our tests show LGM is slightly better than CR-95C, 2C lower in temperature on a 91watt processor. (See bar chart below). However, CR-95C as limited by its TDP (95watt), can not be included in more roundup tests for over-clocked applications or used on higher end processors such as 5960X (140watt).

Question : Computer gaming is part of my life. And I do over-clock when I play games. I wonder if I can add a fan to LGM to bring down temperature when I over-clock?
Answer : Yes. Every LGM comes with a pair of fan clips that will take a Thermalright award winning TY-147A 140mm fan or any other 25mm thick 120mm square fan.
Question : I like the idea of semi-passive cooling. But my computer has a 2011-3 processor which consumes 140watt of power at full load before over-clock. (The higher end Skylake LGA 1151 processors consume 91watt only.) If LGM can not handle the heat, do you have other low-noise solution?
Answer : The processor socket on a 2011-3 motherboard is located further away from the rear system fan compared with those 1150/1151 motherboards which makes using the air from system fan more difficult. But the cooling performance of a LGM on a 2011-3 motherboard is not too bad at all. (See charts below.) For those who wish to make it cooler and yet without adding noise can opt for a Thermalright 120/140mm fan duct as shown in the photo below. CPU temperature can be reduced by 10C in average.

Socket 2011-3 silent cooling made easy

CPU: Intel Core i7 5960X
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Rampage V Extreme
Memory: Avexir 8GB*2 @ 2133MHZ
Graphic card: MSI GTX960 GAMING 2G
Solid state drive: Kingston V300 120G
Case: Fractal Design R4

Passively cooled with Thermalright Le GRAND MACHO with and without fan duct 140