HR-09 TYPE 3

Many motherboards now have their own heatpipe cooling system designed by the motherboard manufacturers. But during our research test, we found out that the northbridge chipset can run especially hot and when you increase voltage, the temperature increased many times over. The heatpipe cooling system just does not have enough surface area to cool those hot devices equally AND sufficiently .

Many end-users also have written to us in regards to the above issue. They got tired of gimmicks and low grade thermal solutions. What they needed was something real, something that actually cools the MOSFET, and so we went to work and developed a new product called HR-09 (from High-Riser series) MOSFET cooler .

The HR-09 MOSFET cooler with its patented design will expand your system life expectancy and creates a stable condition not only during normal operation but also when you increase the frequency and voltage to overclock. Now heat is no more an issue .

Patent pending adjustable length design

6mm highly effective heatpipe

Proprietary through holes on fins for efficient ventilation

No tool for easy installation

Provides two types of heatsink: Upright and Slant Type


Product Description

For asus & gigabyte intel motherboards
Dimension: L58 x W16.31 x H48

Dimension: L58 x W32.3 x H48

Question :I noticed that on your website there are two types of HR-09. What are the differences between them?
Answer : HR-09 has two distinguish types: the slanted version S and the upright version U (sold separately). The slanted version has two heatsinks in diagonal with each other while the upright version has the two heatsinks directly above each other.
Question : HR-09 has two types. How do I choose which one to install on my motherboard?
Answer :If your motherboard is by ASUS and its single MOSFET is near the I/O port, HR-09U would be the ideal version to install since HR-09S would more than likely get interfered by the surrounding components. But if your motherboard is of Gigabyte, You can purchase two HR-09S, or one HR-09S and one HR-09U depending on the size of your CPU heatsink.
Question :My motherboard does not have the heatpipe cooling solutions for my MOSFETs. Can I install HR-09 on my motherboard?
Answer :HR-09 was specifically designed for motherboards that have the heatpipe cooling solutions. We have received many requests from users who claimed that their stock MOSFET cooling in not affective and that they are hesitant to install HR-05 because MOSFET solution would not be covered. This was the main reason for the come about of HR-09. HR-09 utilizes the push pin installation method. For that reason, motherboards that do not have the push pin type MOSFET will not be compatible with HR-09
Question :I have a Gigabyte DQ6 motherboard that has quite an effective cooling solution for its MOSFET. Would I get an even better result with HR-09?
Answer : In our own lab tests, results have shown that there is a difference of 5-8 Celsius degrees after the installation of HR-09 on the Gigabyte DQ6 motherboard. If you were to install a HR-05 for the northbridge chipset, you would have an even wider range for overclocking.
Question :I have an eVGA 680i motherboard. The MOSFET cooler on the board is extremely hot to the touch and I’m thinking of installing your HR-09. My question is: is HR-09 compatible with my motherboard?
Answer : HR-09 was designed based on motherboards by major manufacturers such as ASUS and Gigabyte, and MSI. We have received quite many requests and inquiries from end users for other brands of motherboards. As we have in the past, we do try to satisfy the demands of our utmost supporters. But due to the many variations (even within their own range of boards) in mechanical layout by motherboard manufacturers, it’s hard to please everyone. However, we will continue to diligently come up with new solutions for those who have the eVGA, DFI, and/or Abit boards. We will post the newest information on our website as soon as we have anything
Question : Is MOSFET cooling really that important as most high end motherboards now have their own MOSFET cooling solutions? Even Thermalright got into the picture.
Answer : One of MOSFET’s major functions is to regulate voltage stability for any given motherboard. The more power/voltage you increase the hotter the MOSFET runs. Thus, MOSFET cooling is considered vital to overclockers. This is where Thermalright comes in to save the day. Motherboard manufacturers try to market their boards by having what looks to be an impressive MOSFET heapipe-line cooling solutions when in actual they don’t do much except looking good. The result is a hot and unstable MOSFET (especially when voltage is increased in overclocking CPU and/or the Northbridge chipset). HR-09 with its no none-sense design is specifically to cool the MOSFET without any gimmicks. Thermalright will continue to satisfy the hungry overclocker in all of our supporters.