HR-09 TYPE 4

IFX designed fins with proprietary thru holes.

No-tool, easy and fast installation.

6mm heatpipes nickel plated to prevent oxidation maintaining best heat transfer condition.

Copper heatsink base with each fin soldered to heatpipe for most efficient heat transfer.



Mother boards Compatibility List
For Original nVidia PCB boards 680i/780i/790i

*Please note our bracket for HR-09 type4 is not compatible with certain EVGA motherboards(like EVGA 132-CK-NF79-A1)

Dimension:61(L) x 12(W) x 44.25(H)mm
Heat pipe:Single heat pipe with Nickel Plated.
Base material:Copper Base

Question :Does HR-09 Type 4 fit on 680/780/790i motherboards by all manufacturers? If not how will I know if it will fit on mine?
Answer : HR-09 Type 4 is specifically designed for motherboards manufactured by Nvidia. For ASUS & Gigabyte motherboards, particularly the 790i type, you will need HR-09 Type 2. Each type of HR-09 is made specifically for certain brands. Please check the compatibility list before purchase. The listed motherboards are all certified to work with HR-09.


Question : I’m using Ultra-120 eXtreme or IFX-14 CPU cooler, will I be able to install HR-09 Type 4?
Answer :Both Ultra-120 eXtreme and IFX-14 are ok to install with HR-09 Type 4 as they have enough height clearance. You can install any fan of your choice on your CPU cooler without interfering with HR-09 Type 4


Question :The new 790i motherboards have their own heatpipe cooling system. Will HR-09 Type 4 cool better?
Answer :The biggest difference between HR-09 Type 4 and the heatpipe cooling system by motherboard manufacturers is in the fins and heatsink base. While they selected to use adhesive method for contact, we opted to use the soldering method for best contact and heat transfer. Their focus is on appearance thus sacrificing performance. We, on the other hand, focused truly on lowering the heat by the MOSFET.