80mm of fin area, specially designed for the VRM of 5870/5850 VGA cards,effectively lowers the high temperature and prolongs the VGA life, providesgreater range of over-clocking performance .

Patented High-riser punched fins, give better airflow between the fin area, superb cooling performance for both active (with fan) and passive cooling ( without fan) .

Double 6mm heatpipes, soldered tightly with fin, to ensure fastest Thermal conductivity .

Easy Installation, “Hand Turnable” screws provided, installation can be done without any extra tools .

No extra fans needed, can use airflow from the Tower cpu cooler when needed .

One 80 x 15mm or 80 x 25mm fan can be installed ( need to be bought separately) .


Product Description

Dimension: Length 133mm x Width 53mm x Height 127mm
Weight: 140 grams
Heat-pipe : 6mm heat pipe x 2 units
Fan: one 80 x 15mm or 80 x 25mm

ATI 5870/5850 VGA cards. (only compatible with Stock PCB design /Reference design )

REMARK*The models listed are based on ATI’s reference mechanical layout. Some manufacturers stray away from the the standard reference board design and develop their own layout. For those, Thermalright holds no responsibility in case of incompatibility after purchase of Thermalright product(s).

VRM R3 & R4