TRUE Copper

Uses high quality aluminum fins for best balance of heat absorption and conduction .

Proprietary bent winglet design to minimize airflow resistance .

Heat pipessolderedto base (nickel plated) and fins for optimum heat transfer .

Stack of 52 pieces of aluminum fins, the most over any other heatsinks in the market. Can be covered entirely by a 120mm fan to absorb all in-coming air flow .

Vast compatibility list for multiple multi-core CPUs and platforms .

Includes both bolt-thru-board retention mechanisms for Intel 775 and AMD AM2 (backplate included for both platforms) .

Includes two sets of fan wire clips for a duo-120mm fan installation (fans not included) .

Includes the NEW thermal paste, Chill Factor 2 for even better conductivity .

Intel Socket 775 & AMD Socket AM2 

Support Intel Core i7 Processor (optional )
Support Intel Core 2 extreme and any Socket 775 Processor
Support AMD Phenom X4 and any Socket AM2 / AM2 / AM3 Processo



Heatsink Specifications:
Weight :1900g (Heatsink Only)
Dimension: L132 x W63 x H160.5 mm
Recommended Fan (120 x 25mm) Heat pipes: six Heat pipes
Material : Copper 

Question :TRUE Copper being so heavy, will it damage my motherboard?
Answer : We did an actual test in our lab with TRUE Copper installed on a system inside an upright tower case and ran for a week. The motherboard did not show any sign of ill condition. Even so, we do not recommend TRUE Copper be installed on a vertical platform and we do not recommend users moving about the case when TRUE copper is installed inside.
Question :Intel is coming out with its new CPU core i7 on Socket 1366. The positioning of the new socket seems to be not in alignment with any of your current heatsink’s retention mechanism. Will there be an adapter kit forthcoming for your existing HSF’s?
Answer : Yes, we will have an adapter kit soon to convert your current Thermalright heatsink to work on Socket 1366. Please check out our webpage from time to time for the update